World Honey Market & Got Honey Fundraising

World Honey Market was started in 2006 as a 9th grade FFA project by John David Peterson. Since then, we have expanded from 1 hive, to over 4,000 hives at our peak. Our mission has always been to harvest and distribute the highest quality honey possible, while protecting honey bee populations globally through education and training on sustainable commercial beekeeping practices.


Today, we are building up the next generation of beekeepers by training students from around the globe the ways of sustainable beekeeping. Our students are highly motivated to learn, because in many instances commercial beekeeping practices are non-existent in their home countries. After their stay with us, our students leave fully equipped with the training and education they need to start their own sustainable beekeeping enterprises in their home countries.


We have recently discovered that the honey we produce is a fantastic vehicle for fundraising, and with that we launched our Got Honey Fundraising Program. This has allowed us to expand our mission on the beekeeping front, while simultaneously giving back to the groups and organizations that helped to shape us. We are proud to offer all of our fundraising partners a 50% revenue split on everything that they sell. When you order from Got Honey Fundraising, not only do you get a great product with an even cooler mission, but you are also supporting local organizations within your community!

Need to raise money?

Got Honey fundraisers are perfect for clubs, sports teams, and non-profit groups who are looking for an easy and efficient way to raise money! Fill out the form below if you'd like one of our fundraising specialists to reach out.

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